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Tractor - In March 1996, my client (a 5 year-old boy) suffered facial fractures and mild traumatic brain injury when he was run over by a tractor in Montana. After the trial court granted his motion for partial summary judgment on liability, the primary carrier offered its policy limit ($500,000). In July 2001, he won a settlement that will provide him with cash and substantial monthly and periodic lump sum payments that should pay over $2 million over his lifetime.

Breast Implants - Since 1991, I handled many breast implant cases and tried one to verdict in 1997. In 1996, one of my breast implant clients who was suffering brain injury won a settlement for nearly $ 1.1 million.

HMO Bad Faith - I have handled bad faith actions against one of the largest HMOs in the nation over several years. In the early 1980's, one of my clients won a verdict for bad faith. In 1996, my client (an 8 year-old girl) won a settlement that will pay more than $ 4.5 million over her expected lifetime.

Forklift - In 1991, my client won a jury verdict on liability against a manufacturer of a forklift which was sold without protective guards. Once the jury returned a verdict finding the manufacturer liable, my client (a warehouseman) withdrew his settlement demand for $1 million. During the damages phase of the trial, my client won a settlement for an amount which the manufacturer insisted should remain undisclosed.

Insurance Bad Faith - In 1995, my client (a small business) won a settlement for more than $1.9 million for insurance company bad faith. In that case, insurers failed to defend my clients against state claims for cleanup of pollution caused by a company that had sold the polluted property to them.

Swimming - Since 1991, I have represented children who suffered serious spinal injuries diving off starting blocks into shallow water. In 1993, my client (a 17 year-old boy) won a settlement that will pay from $12 to 20 million over his lifetime.

Construction - In 1999, my client (a cement worker with four children) won a settlement for nearly $1.2 million. He suffered a disabling back injury when one floor of a parking structure collapsed while he was pouring concrete.


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