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Kloss v Edward D. Jones -- MT Supreme Court

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Passage, 223 Mont. at 66, 727 P.2d at 1301-02 (quoting   Finkle and [**132]   Ross v. A.G. Becker Paribas, Inc. (D.C.N.Y. 1985), 622 F. Supp. 1505, 1511-12).

 [*P25]  We enforced the arbitration agreements in Passage because there was no evidence that they were not within the parties' reasonable expectation nor was there evidence that they were unconscionable.

 [*P26]  In Chor, we were again called on to decide whether arbitration provisions in securities agreements were contracts of adhesion and, if so, whether the arbitration clause is unconscionable. We concluded that the arbitration agreement was not a contract of adhesion because the consumer had testified that she had brokerage agreements with other firms which did not require her to arbitrate future disputes. We also held that the arbitration provision was clearly within Chor's reasonable expectations based on her own testimony that she understood her obligation to arbitrate based on her review of the agreement. Finally, we c